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My Story...

I was given some of my Nan’s pegs that she had used on her clothesline for over 50 years and fell in love with how easy they were to use and sturdy compared with the typical plastic spring loaded peg. I couldn’t find them anywhere to purchase and wanted more, so decided to make them myself. 

In a world where we rely so heavily on single use plastics in everyday use I am confident that my product will last for many many years and will eliminate the need for purchasing the “disposable plastic peg” on a regular basis. I believe that you will love my product and that you will never go back to using plastic or wooden pegs again as they are made to last a lifetime. 

My pegs are HANDMADE from 100% Australian made steel and PVC, at my home  in Newcastle, NSW. Know that when you purchase Worlds Best Pegs you are shopping local, supporting small business and your Aussie dollars stay right here in Australia supporting Australian manufacturing.

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