Are you sick of plastic clothes pegs that break as they age in the sun, or wooden pegs that leave mould marks on your clothes?
Do you buy new pegs regularly to replace the broken rusty dirty ones in your peg basket...if you answered YES then I have the answer for you. My hand made wire pegs are made to last a life time, they don't break like others do, don't rust, don't mark your clothes with mould and each one is individual as I have hand cut, thread and twisted each peg by hand. They are made from 2.5mm steel and PVC, are all uniform with slight differences in the top twist as they are not made on a machine. I’ve had mine that I initially made over 10 years and I originally came to have some from my grandmother who had hers for over 50 years. When treated like ordinary clothes pegs they will also last your lifetime. 
Please allow 2 weeks for pegs to be handmade, packed and posted.

36 Purple Worlds Best Pegs

  • Galvanised wire and PVC hand twisted clothes pegs